What I learned in El Salvador

What I learned in El Salvador

24 Apr, 2014 - By

First shared by Farrah Ali-Khan on our Facebook page on March 8.

Today is the last day of my partner visits and my last day in El Salvador. I’ve had an incredible time overall in all the countries I visited and El Salvador was no different.

With our partner ADCASMUS, I learned plenty about maquilas (factories) and the mistreatment of workers, I learned more about how truly important it is for farmers to have ownership over land, how the threat of gang violence hangs like a constant shroud over the city, haunting people, which is why initiatives to engage youth are essential.

The farmer’s group coordinated by ADCASMUS, which receives loans, agricultural inputs and support, talked about their challenges with not owning their own land. If they add any improvements to the land, like implementing organic agricultural techniques, the land-owners usually boot them out and raise the value of the land. It’s a really difficult position to be in for the farmers, because they have no incentive or possibility of improving their positions in life. Would be great if we’d be able to fund-raise some money so ADCASMUS can finally make this land available to the farmers.

But hey – I also learned about its fun side: the wonderful beaches, the lively bars of Santa Tecla, the small villages with corn pupusas.

In summary, I feel very privileged to have been able to meet and spend time with our partners, particularly the directors, who have dedicated their lives to social justice, and who have been doing incredible work with those in dire need.

We’ll continue to share Farrah’s experience visiting our Central American partners in a series of post on our website.

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