Landing in San Salvador

Landing in San Salvador

23 Apr, 2014 - By

First shared by Farrah Ali-Khan on our Facebook page on March 3.

I just landed in San Salvador yesterday afternoon, kindly picked up by Yesenia and Rafa from ADCASMUS, our incredibly idealistic and hard-working partner.

The last time I was here was a bit of a whirlwind, so didn’t have the opportunity to check out El Salvador. This time, I think they’re ensuring that I gain an appreciation of the country as well: I was quickly whisked off for a delicious lunch of fresh fish over the ocean and in the evening, taken to Santa Tecla, a city close to San Salvador, that has a real tourist vibe. In Santa Tecla, we took in the sights of a couples dancing to Bachata music, pupusa making and consuming, and a street alive with artisans.

In the photo I’m with Yesi, from ADCASMUS, after we ate our fresh fish lunch. The food combined with the tranquilo vibe made a perfect combo for a siesta.

We’ll continue to share Farrah’s experience visiting our Central American partners in a series of post on our website.

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