University of Guelph Students Help World Accord Link New Technologies with Sustainable Agriculture

09 Jan, 2017 - By

Last fall, students in international development from the University of Guelph collaborated with World Accord on an analysis of the use of new technologies in information and communication in the agricultural sector. This class helped us answer the question: “How can we harness technological innovation in the Toronto/Waterloo corridor to help small farmers around the world improve access to information, production, environmental sustainability, food security and health?” Key sub-questions included: What are the agricultural issues in the Americas, Latin America, Africa, Asia? What mobile technological advances are already working (or not working) in these contexts? What are the potentials for mobile technological applications based on successes and failures around the world? What technologies are already available or in farmer’s hands that we can take advantage of with new applications? Technological applications have also been very useful in the field of Global Health. What can we learn from this field to apply in our work in agriculture?

This is their report that can be used by anyone interested while giving appropriate credit to the University of Guelph and the students involved (in recognition of their professional work)

ICT and Agriculture in the Global South Part 1 and Part 2

Thank you to the students and faculty involved at University of Guelph for this very useful piece of research.

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