Aid4Ag Releases Water Brief

Aid4Ag Releases Water Brief

30 Jan, 2017 - By

World Accord is proud to be a part of the Aid for Agriculture campaign (Aid4Ag) which aims to convince Canada to focus more aid funds on agricultural pursuits globally.  Here is an excerpt from the Water Brief entitled “Taking Root”, which is available to view or download in French and English below. This two page article helps illustrate the role climate resilient agriculture plays in preserving water and improving livelihoods for small scale farmers globally.

“Climate change puts at risk many of the development gains the world has seen, including progress on ending hunger. It threatens human security, with women particularly vulnerable during climate-related disasters and ensuing conflicts.

Water stands at the epicentre of this threat. With climate change, rainfall patterns are becoming more erratic, with fewer days of rain and stronger downpours. Currently 1.6 billion people live in areas that suffer from water scarcity—a number expected to rise to 2.8 billion by 2025.”

Taking Root    or    Prendre Racine

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