Tangible gifts

Many great tangible gift options that can make a difference in people’s lives.

Years of experience tell that small investments can have enormous, sustainable results in the lives of people in underdeveloped countries when accompanied by long term community building. Each gift comes with a descriptive card for your recipient and a tax receipt for you!

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Vocational Training – El Salvador

Provides a safe and educational opportunity for youth at risk in an area noted for gang violence. One program teaches them to create or supplement family incomes by leather crafting. Investment: $20 for leather supplies. Teachers donate time to the program.

Give vocational training!

The Pig Chain Pass – El Salvador

A pig is a source of income and savings that changes the life of an entire family. The investment includes training, technical support, and marketing. But it also benefits the community. Once the pig reproduces, the first family gives an offspring to a neighbour, and so on. Investment: $100.00.

Give a pig!

Buy a Goat – Nepal

When you purchase a goat for Nepal, your funds will go into a community micro-loan fund. Community members will borrow funds to buy a goat or two or perhaps a pig or inputs for vegetable farming. The point is that the funds will be used to improve the lives of some very poor people. The loan will be paid back into the fund – which belongs to the community and will be used perpetually to make life-improving micro-loans to community members. Your gift will live on and help many, many people over the coming years.

Give a goat!

Fuel Efficient Wood Stoves – Honduras

A phenomenal investment on many levels: the stoves use less wood, reducing deforestation and the amount of carbon in the air. The chimney provides clean indoor air, plus the stove heats the home through the cold winters. Family health and income increases, and the environment is protected. Investment: $50.00 buys a stove.

Give a fuel efficient stove!

Micro Loans – Guatemala

microloansTraining, community organizing and loans help groups of indigenous Maya women improve lives. Some use the help to grow food or for income, some to continue traditional weaving, others can open small businesses. Investment: $100 helps provide a loan for a year. Once it’s repaid, the funds will be loaned again.

Give a micro loan!

Metal Silos – Honduras

silosThese metal silos can make a vast improvement in the life of a farmer family. Often harvests of maize or beans are stored in poor locations and up to half a harvest is lost to mold, insects, rodents and other causes. A silo can allow them to keep their entire harvest so they have enough to eat for a whole year or even have some to sell. Purchase a silo and one will be provided to a family. They will pay for it with future earnings and the money will be used to provide another family with a silo. You are not just purchasing one but many over time.

Givea silo!

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