Sabine cultivates life through chamomile

Sabine cultivates life through chamomile

21 Apr, 2014 - By

First shared by Farrah Ali-Khan on our Facebook page on February 25

We met Sabine and a few members from her family as well as from her group in Xajaxac, Solola, mainly composed of widows.

She recounted to me that in 1982, about 20 soldiers hustled into her house and grabbed her husband, without any explanation. She found him dead later in a hospital.

She remembered how Women in Action arrived into her community soon after and how they helped her initially with first aid and then training on weaving and making crafts so she could make some money to feed her four children. It was a very moving story.

The group is now investing more time and money into planting medicinal plants, such as chamomile. Surprisingly, each person can make a profit of about $50/month from growing such plants. It’ll be interesting to see where they’ll take this!

We’ll continue to share Farrah’s experience visiting our Central American partners in a series of post on our website.

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