Rights and Advocacy Initiatives Network (RAIN)

Rights and Advocacy Initiatives Network (RAIN) was founded in 2019 by experts with backgrounds in natural resource management, human rights advocacy, and development. RAIN was established to employ expertise in relevant fields to address challenges in agriculture, natural resources, and the environmental sector in Ghana and contribute to the global agenda of environmental sustainability and human development. RAIN supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030) including ‘no poverty’, ‘zero hunger’, ‘gender equality’, ‘responsible consumption and production’, and ‘climate action’.

Often, women and marginalized groups in Ghana are excluded from decision-making processes regarding natural resources management at the local level. This affects their lives and livelihoods because their perspectives, opinions, and concerns are not considered. Also, it further entrenches the vulnerability of these women and marginalized groups as they lose their rights to resources, making them poorer. Poverty, limited livelihood options, and lack of knowledge on emerging trends coupled with apathy lead to the destruction of natural resources including forests, land, and water bodies in the quest to make a living.

Realizing the value of inclusive participation, RAIN works to ensure that every voice, including women, landless farmers, and youth, is heard and considered in the national environmental, political and socio-economic development process.

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