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World Peace Starts With Me

05 Oct, 2017 - By

By Tina Heathers Many people are concerned with all the devastation they see around the world.  Between mass shootings, floods, fires, famine and poverty, people are getting bogged down with simple survival or the fear it creates. So, what can we do to help? Some people can travel to remote locations and physically help.  Others […]

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Fastathon 2017 All-Inclusive Weekend Raises $16,000 Plus

31 May, 2017 - By

A special thank you goes out to all the participants, facilitators and leaders of the weekend event.   We roughed the black flies and mosquitoes and had an awesome time learning discussing about Islam and other world religions, today’s gender and sexuality issues, coming out as HIV “positive”, World Accord construction expeditions and World Accord’s […]

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Disaster Risk Reduction for the Americas

13 Mar, 2017 - By

Last week Isabelle Hachette of World Accord took part in the international forum in Montreal that looks at Disaster Risk Reduction (DDR) for the Americas.   The end result was a statement from Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) on DDR.  You can read the statement in English here.  It is also available in French  ici.

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Reaching Out – the Aig4Ag briefing paper for the Government of Canada.

14 Feb, 2017 - By

Founded on our agricultural experience and expertise, Canada has the opportunity to take a leading role in improving the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable, wherever they are, and driving achievement of a significant number of the goals outlined in the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  To learn more about this please click […]

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