Our Mission, Our Values

Our Mission: Cultivating Communities That Thrive

Our Values


 We value sharing, learning, respect, equality, synergy, and efficiency in our work with other organizations, donors, volunteers, and staff.


We value local ownership and decision-making and believe that power shared is power multiplied. Using the principle of working “not for but with“,  we see World Accord as a social change agent; not a helping organization. Our focus on capacity building by bringing people together leaves space for partners to exercise their power. It is essential that we (staff, board, donors) constantly reflect on and assess how our position of privilege impacts our language, ideologies, policies, representation and relationships with our partners. It is our responsibility to create spaces for honest conversations, interrogate our own biases, ensure diverse representation on our Board, and educate ourselves to ensure western thought and approaches are not privileged over others.


 We value self-sufficiency in environmental, financial, and social soundness and honour humanity’s responsibility towards future generations.


We value and model transparency and accountability in our interactions with partner organizations, donors, volunteers, and staff.


We value interactions that recognize that all people are dependent on each other for the successful sustainable development of our world. We are not striving for development for “them” but global development for “all of us.”


We value justice and believe that all people have an inherent right to justice and opportunity, irrespective of gender, economic, social, cultural, religious, educational, or political considerations. There can be no sustainable peace without justice.

Code of Conduct

Since our inception in 1980, World Accord has embraced a culture of honesty and integrity with our employees, board, donors, partners, and those we serve. Our high levels of ethical behaviour, accountability, respect, and core values have been instrumental in building the excellent reputation that we enjoy today for cultivating communities that thrive.

World Accord’s commitment to excellence, honesty, and integrity are known to our donors, government officials, and stakeholders. Our staff help creates this reputation. As a registered charity, our reputation is everything – without it, there is no trust, no respect, and no support from others. To sustain this excellent record, it is the duty of each of us to make informed, ethical decisions that build trust and reinforce our reputation as an accountable organization. See the complete document here.

Policy on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Exploitation, and Abuse 

WA strongly confirms that it does not tolerate any form of harassment, exploitation, or sexual abuse within the organization or any of the projects or programs it carries out.

WA is determined to provide harmonious work environments where collaboration, individual respect, and the principles of gender equality take pride of place, where the staff, volunteers, partners, sub-contractors, and consultants neither suffer nor commit abuse or misconduct. See the complete document here.

Conflict of Interest Policy

WA acknowledges that conflict of interest is a predominant challenge and addresses it with the outmost care in order to keep the integrity of its activities and processes.
See the complete document here.

Ethics Guidelines

The Ethics Guidelines set out the basic ethical principles that World Accord accepts and promotes. For World Accord, development is a social, cultural, economic, and political process that leads to the fulfillment of fundamental human rights. See the complete document here.

Gender Policy

WA will strive to achieve the full participation of both women and men as agents and equal partners in determining and directing their own development. See the complete document here.

Environmental Policy

World Accord will incorporate environmentally sustainable considerations into all projects and promote an awareness of the relationships between development, the environment, and the health of the community. World Accord’s environmental policy encourages the sustainable use of a community’s resources through awareness of and regards for ecosystems and biodiversity. Striving to incorporate such factors into WA projects can result in a balanced position on development that advances the well-being of our partners, maintains the dynamic balance of their environment, and provides a framework for developmental education efforts. See the complete document here.

Anti-Fraud, Bribery, and Corruption Policy

Fraud, bribery and corruption are major potential obstacles to our mission of supporting communities that thrive, they go against every of our core values. We are always determined to tackle these threats but also prevent them.
See the complete document here.

Our Key Policies

Our Theory Of Change

Our six core values contribute to local ownership of results and processes from our partners which then leads to community initiatives that respond to the needs of the participants, as well as a governance model which is more inclusive. Ultimately, community members – especially the women and girls, become more empowered, with the support of men and boys, while their communities become even more resilient. Finally, this produces more sustainable results as all key stakeholders are involved during the different steps of the process and can then continue to implement the project’s activities while including best practices.

Our Partners & Networks/Alliances

We would like to dearly thank and show appreciation for our partners who are giving us support and funding.
We would not be able to do as much without you.

We also want to highlight the networks and alliances we belong too and within which we try to participate as actively as we can in order to advance international development in Canada and North America.

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Global Affairs Canada
Shaw Family Foundation
Egg Farmers of Ontario
Unifor Social Justice Fund


Cooperation Canada
Ontario Council for International Cooperation (OCIC)
Canadian Food Security Policy Group (FSPG)
Canadian coalition on climate change and development (C4D)
Movement for Community-led development (MCLD)
Agenda 2030 with the University of Waterloo