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For more than 40 years, World Accord has been actively involved in successful international development projects and programs located in Central America (Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador) and Asia (Nepal) – with new and exciting projects being added as we continue to grow. The focus of the work of our partners is on sustainable agriculture (mostly agroecology and agroforestry), sexual and gender-based violence, economic and social empowerment of women and girls, as well as strengthening the ability of local communities to adapt to the climate crisis.

World Accord’s philosophy of empowering people at the local level means that rather than simply sending money or sending our people to work in the field we take a different approach, based on the principles of partnership, respect, and mutual learning.

World Accord is successful because we partner with established local organizations already working effectively at the grassroots level in our program countries. We carefully select and screen our partners using a rigorous process of due diligence to ensure the integrity and expertise of the work that we support through our partners.

During program implementation, we collaborate with our local partners to evaluate their programs, review their progress reports and celebrate their program milestones. To ensure accountability to our donors, we regularly interact with our partners by making frequent visits to see their work in action. Through these visits and relationships with our partners, we are able to ensure that every dollar that we receive is handled wisely, providing the maximum benefit to the people and communities we partner with around the world.


At World Accord, we deeply believe that effective international development begins at the local level. That is why we keep the knowledge and expertise of our program partners at the centre of the work we do. The end result of this collaborative approach is a process that delivers diverse, highly targeted development activities that respond to the unique needs, capacities, and goals of specific communities in their own environments. It also means that World Accord’s contributions help build long-term capacities and local economies.

World Accord is actively involved in a wide range of international development activities in Latin American and Asian countries that include: micro-enterprise and micro-credit, community healthcare initiatives, sustainable agricultural practices, education and capacity building, community organizing, soil and water conservation, environmental protection strategies, finance and accounting management, gender equality issues.

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