WPD supports sustained grass-roots development by building the capacities of rural women’s organizations in Central Nepal. WPD provides groups with training, technical support and resources in community development, sustainable farming, animal raising, micro-enterprises, and credit. WPD is modeled on the “association governed by program beneficiaries” model used by MeA (Guatemala).


7 rural communities in Central Nepal (see maps lower right)

Socio-Economic Empowerment Program for Women & Marginalized Populations (SEWAM)

The SEWAM program supports agricultural production and micro-enterprise-based income generation through rural groups. Since the start of the project, WPD-Nepal has provided training in income generation, micro-credit and support to strengthen Mutual Development Organizations. These local groups serve as sources for rotating credit, mutual support, and collective action for income generation and community development. They also coordinate advocacy with local governments and other service providers through which groups can also access land and services.

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