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aboutFor more than 30 years World Accord has been actively involved in highly successful international development projects and programs located in Latin America and Asia – with new and exciting projects being added as we continue to grow.World Accord’s philosophy of empowering people at the local level means that rather than simply sending money or sending our people to work in the field we take a different approach, based on the principles of partnership.

World Accord is successful because we partner with established local organizations already working effectively at the grass roots level in our program countries. We carefully select and screen our partners using a rigorous process of due diligence to ensure the integrity and expertise that our accomplished partners bring to all of our project and program endeavors.

During program implementation, we are involved in evaluating program activities, actively monitoring expenditures, reviewing progress reports and marking program milestones. Through ongoing interaction and regular visits to the field we ensure that every dollar you invest is handled wisely, providing the maximum benefit to the people and communities we partner with around the world.

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projectsAt World Accord we deeply believe that effective international development begins at the local level. That is why we keep the knowledge and expertise of our program partners at the centre of the work we do. The end result of this collaborative approach is a process that delivers diverse, highly targeted development activities that respond to the unique needs, capacities, and goals of specific communities in their own environments. It also means that World Accord’s contributions help build long-term capacities and local economies.

World Accord is actively involved in a wide range of international development activities in Latin American and Asian countries that include: icro-enterprise and micro-credit, community healthcare initiatives, sustainable agricultural practices, education and capacity building, community organizing, soil and water conservation, environmental protection strategies, finance and accounting management, gender equality issues.

Association for Community Development, Environmental Protection & Multiple Services (ADCASMUS)

ADCASMUS works with families living in poverty or extreme poverty, in communities that receive little or no other institutional or...

Foundation for International Development Assistance (FIDA)

FIDA has been supporting productive work through cooperatives in Haiti for more than 17 years. FIDA has provided cooperative and a...

Women in Action (MeA)

MeA works primarily with rural indigenous women organized into groups of 15 – 30 members, living in the highland region of Guate...

Project Global Village (PAG)

Founded in 1983 by Chet Thomas and Ells Culver, Proyecto Aldea Global (PAG) is a Honduran, non-profit organiz...

Rural Reconstruction Program (PRR)

PRR is a Honduran non-profit organization devoted to promoting rural community development. Founded in 1983, it works in four key ...

Women for Peace and Democracy (WPD) – Nepal

WPD supports susta...


Expeditions-groupJoin an Expedition!

Have you always wanted to volunteer in a developing country doing something to make the world a better place?

Why not try a Learning Trip or a Construction Expedition to help build a school in a mountain community in Honduras. Our trips are open to anyone over 18 (or 14 with a guardian.)

We regularly go to the field on monitoring trips. Want to come with us? It could change how you see the world.

  • I am amazed at the speed of the weeks going by. The first week things were rolling along, next thing I turned around and wondered where all the time had gone Bill (Volunteer)
  • Surpassed my expectations! Enriching personally to live communally with such a big group of people and everyone get along Charity (Volunteer)
  • Hanging on the back of the truck breathing cloud; that's the sort of stuff that sustains me Devon (Volunteer)
  • It's emotional, physical, skills based, a full on experience Garrett (Volunteer)

Project News Blog

Arrival in Honduras – February 21, 2015

Arrival in Honduras – February 21, 2015

26 Feb, 2015 - By

After what seemed to be an unending fight, I finally touched down in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The last time I was here, the airport was under construction and there was no clear way of gathering luggage or going through customs. This time, my only fear was that my luggage had not made it and […]

Expeditions: a cultural exchange of ideas and expertise

Expeditions: a cultural exchange of ideas and expertise

10 Sep, 2014 - By

by Charity Erickson In February of this year, I joined a World Accord construction expedition and went to build a school in rural Honduras. Even as a child I had dreamed of doing something like this, but there was always an excuse standing in my way. Sometimes the excuse was of a practical nature. For […]




01 Mar, 2015 - By

Come to World Accord’s 30th  Anniversary Fastathon This May 29-31 near Priceville, Ontario Every year people of all ages gather for the annual World Accord Fastathon, a fundraising event featuring a host of exciting activities, guest speakers, education on global issues and a grand prize draw for an expedition trip to visit World Accord projects in […]

What to Give For Christmas

What to Give For Christmas

22 Dec, 2011 - By

Christmas. It’s about people. It’s about love and caring and sharing. My wish this Christmas is to inspire people to cut down on the trappings of life, increase our joyful memories, lighten our ecological footprint and help build global community at the same time. Let’s begin in India. Rupa Kumar is the director of the […]


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