Off to XajaXac in Guatemala

Off to XajaXac in Guatemala

16 Apr, 2014 - By

First shared by Farrah Ali-Khan on our Facebook page on February 25

Hi everyone! I’m in Guatemala with Women in Action!

This morning we’re off to a town called XajaXac (pronounced “Shaha shac”), which lies north of Lake Atitlan. We’re going to visit a small group of women with whom MeA have been working for years.

I’ve been told they’re a group that had been severely affected by the 30-year civil war: all are widowed women whose husbands “disappeared” during the war. Women in Action has been working with them for years to provide micro-credit loans so they can make some money with their crafts and now they’re providing them with agricultural inputs so they can grow their own crops.

It’ll be a fascinating day (and a long drive) – will keep you posted!

We’ll continue to share Farrah’s experience visiting our Central American partners in a series of post on our website.

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