Christmas Challenge

Christmas Challenge

28 Nov, 2014 - By

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There are thousands of rural poor in Honduras that can never get ahead. They have to rent land to farm on. If they improve the land through their hard work, the landlord raises the rent or takes the land back so he can hire workers to work it for him instead. Banks are not willing to make loans to the poor who need it the most.

This Rent-to-Own land program will raise funds for World Accord’s partner organization in Honduras (PRR) so they can buy land and make it available to groups of farmers on a rent-to-own basis.  As the land is paid off, PRR will buy more land to make available to other farmer groups and so on. This makes your gift work far into the future creating opportunities for poor farmers who would never have the chance to get ahead otherwise.

Our family has been to visit the projects of World Accord and have been supporting this organization for many years. Our children came up with the idea to do something this Christmas to help and have given up their planned Disney Cruise to get this fundraising campaign off the ground.

Won’t you please join us in our efforts to help make a permanent difference in the lives of some wonderful but very poor people in Honduras?

The program works. Their pilot group of farmers had paid off their first piece of land and bought another and every one of the farmers in the pilot group have been able to purchase their own personal land from the extra profits made from collectively farming the initial plots. All they needed was the opportunity to work hard for themselves. It is a model group that has been visited by development groups from Europe and North America. The trick is land ownership. It has always been a problem but was never tackled by a development agency…until now.

So we are looking to raise $300,000 by getting 300 business or individuals to donate $1,000 each. If successful we could help get land for approximately 50 farmer groups or 10 – 15 farmers per group. This will help 500-750 families have their own land and that is just on the first round of rent-to-own loans.  It will go on well into the future.   Do you see why we are excited? Will you join us? Our children gave up their family Christmas cruise. What will you give up this Christmas to help make this happen?   Thank you so much for helping with this innovative and permanent approach to poverty reduction. Have an amazing Christmas.

Give online! Or by cheque or phone.

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