Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission, Vision & Values

26 Feb, 2014 - By


At World Accord, our mission is to cultivate communities that thrive.


We have a vision of world accord – the flourishing of well-being for all where:

  • basic human needs are met
  • every person has the opportunity to fulfill their potential
  • diverse people live peacefully in global community
  • care of earth and love of neighbour shape our life together


Partnership: At World Accord, we value sharing, learning, respect, equality, synergy and efficiency in our work with other organizations, donors, volunteers and staff.

Empowerment: We value local ownership and decision-making and believe that power shared is power multiplied. Using the principle of working “not for but with“,  we see World Accord as a social change agent; not a helping organization. Our focus on capacity building by bringing people together leaves space for partners to exercise their power.

Justice: We value justice and believe that all people have an inherent right to justice and opportunity, irrespective of gender, economic, social, cultural, religious, educational or political considerations. There can be no sustainable peace without justice.

Sustainability: At World Accord, we value self-sufficiency in environmental, financial and social soundness and honour humanity’s responsibility towards future generations.

Integrity: We value and model transparency and accountability in our interactions with partner organizations, donors, volunteers and staff.

Interdependence: We value interactions which recognize that all people are dependent on each other for the successful sustainable development of our world. We are not striving for development for “them” but global development for “all of us.”


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