Fastathon 2017 All-Inclusive Weekend

Fastathon 2017 All-Inclusive Weekend

01 Mar, 2015 - By

Come to World Accord’s  Fastathon 2017  All-Inclusive Weekend This May 26-28 near Priceville, Ontario
Every year people of all ages gather for the annual World Accord Fastathon, a fundraising event featuring a host of exciting activities, guest speakers, education on global issues and a grand prize draw for an expedition trip to visit World Accord projects in Latin America or Asia. You don’t even have to go without eating ….you can give up tech for the weekend instead. And this year is going to be the most inclusive weekend ever and all about bringing down barriers between diverse groups of people.  Plan to join us for  Fastathon 2017!  It will be a BIG DEAL.  Be there or be sure to sponsor someone to go.

Visit us at our Fastathon event page on Facebook.  Let us know that you are coming.

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